Crosshair I.T. & Security LLC is an I.T. infrastructure and security consultancy.  Our primary focus is  designing, troubleshooting, supporting, and securing infrastructures, systems and software.  Our highly experienced staff can help you with a variety of services ranging from infrastructure design, support and security (using a vendor agnostic approach), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and solutions, system and software penetration testing, application vulnerability assessment, static code and design review services, and security training offerings.

Our goal is to provide  our clients with superior service and quality. With a keen eye  to  matching  our client's visions and business goals, we seek to foster lasting professional relationship with our clients. To do this we  combine the understanding of your business's needs with our technical expertise, which results in optimal solutions with minimized risk for our clients. To maintain this level of expertise, we continually reinvest in our staff by acquiring leading industry certifications, attending premier industry conferences, and constantly keeping a watchful eye on industry and cyberspace trends.

We are confident that once you have worked with our team you will do so again and again.

In the event your thinking...

Securing my environment is going to cost a fortune.

Security is commonly associated with high cost. Let us help you prove this adage wrong.

I'm not a  major corporation so how can we use  your services?

Even if you are small or mid sized company, we can provide solutions and services to fit your budget with beneficial results.